Business  Owner

Before I became involved , I had a number of investments including a few rental properties and a direct share portfolio. My work is time consuming; it leaves little time to devote to the management of my personal affairs. For people in this position it makes sense to get external advice and not rely on instinct and limited research. Making this change has had a huge impact for me.

George & Ellie
Sales Manager

We have always  been self employed and would often find that when we earned more income, there was little change to the state of the bank balance. We essentially lived year to year, always assets rich, but cash flow poor, and we knew what we had to do but we always found excuses as it all became too hard to process and manage.We didn’t want to go on for another ten years and still be in the same position and making the same excuses for our lack of progress. We decided that we needed to to take control of it now and recognized that building our wealth would take time and that it wasn’t something that you could do overnight. We had to take action in order to change our poor  financial habits and that’s the beauty of this system; they are there month in, month out, working with us in a structured manner and keeping us on a disciplined course.

John & Jenny
Self Employed 

I was an employee and just plodding along making ends meet  and with little focus on financial matters. .One of the benefits of working with this system is the ongoing monitoring program. It is an excellent  process and it is because of this that you stick to the plan that has been mutually prepared for us.

John & Casey

Computer Consultant / Physiotherapist

The banks had us right where they wanted us. We were making the minimal payments on our mortgage and going nowhere fast. We knew that something needed to change in the way we managed our money. Since that introduction our financial planning approach has been totally revamped;  we have  subsequently made a significant impact in our debt, been able to upgrade to a new house and develop a portfolio of investments. We are now budgeting to go on an overseas holiday to Europe and buy a new car. But the best thing about the process and system is the security that comes from knowing that your financial future has been planned in a structured and disciplined way – freeing you to focus on the more important things in life.

Peter & Joanne

Before we became clients our finances were poorly organized albeit we were pretty good at budgeting.We had no plans for the future mainly due to our lack of financial expertise and we were not certain of our next steps or how to achieve our goals. We set about renovating our home and commenced a small  investment portfolio for our children’s education which was comforting to plan for.One of the best things for us, is the month-to-month assistance, structure and discipline they provide us with.

Motor Mechanic

I always considered myself to be good at managing my finances and I purchased my first home with a P&I 25-year mortgage 5 years ago. I was referred by a mutual friend who said they could help me reduce my mortgage faster, and after having my financial affairs restructured, I have been able to dramatically reduce my personal debt and build an investment portfolio for my future. When I look back at where I would have been had I not taking action, I would still owe the bank the majority of that initial mortgage and have nothing further to show for it.


I was just an average person not to focused on saving and building wealth. I earn a very good income and I am good at spending money and having very little to show for it. I could see that if I did not do something for my retirement, then I would always be struggling.  The coaching I have received has really helped me to funnel all these things into a very positive direction. I now make informed decisions in relation to my finances, rather than make decision on a whim. And I am a whole lot happier in the knowledge that when I stop work, I will be able to enjoy myself and not be on struggle street.

 Alex & Vicki
Receptionist /Carpenter

We were not good financial managers and basically in big trouble -heavily in debt and right on the edge of bankruptcy. To state the obvious – our future was not looking bright. We had no choice but to seek professional help. With professional coaching, structure and discipline we turned our situation around and believe me it took a lot of work and sacrifice on our part. Our financial affairs and spending habits were restructured and we are on target to achieve our goals.

We have now cleared all our outstanding debt (except our house) and have really made great progress something that just seemed so far out of our reach before. We are now considering planning to buy a new house now that we are on track.

I think the best part of the service is the monthly monitoring that keeps everything in check and certainly keeps us focused on our goals.