Message from MD

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        Dear Homeowner,

We are all about helping our customers pay off their mortgages quickly and managing their hard earned dollars more efficiently.

Did you realize that our Big Four Australian Banks each average in excess of $5 B of net profit each financial year, with bank fees and residential mortgages, making up a big slice of this profit.

We can show you financial strategies the Banks don’t want you to know about, and by professionally re-engineering your personal situation, we will put money back in your pocket, rather than supplementing the banks profit margins.

Why am I telling you this!

Well, if you are a homeowner you realize that paying bank interest for 20-30 years is stressful long term commitment, costing you tens of thousands of dollars in interest over the term of your loan. The banks thrive on this business model, and maximize their profits when the term of your loan is fully extended.

We have a different approach …. we would prefer to help you pay off your mortgage faster  and save you money, which could go towards a holiday, your children’s school fees or your future retirement…..that makes more financial sense to us!

Being a home owner provides security, and for most Australians the biggest commitment they will ever make in their lifetime.

We all start off with good intentions to pay off our mortgage quickly, but in life, circumstances often change and we don’t always achieve the outcomes we hoped for.

It’s no one’s fault…. it’s simply life!

To pay off your mortgage quickly requires 4 key disciplines;

  • you need to take action
  • you need to do it for a long time (0-15 years)
  • you need to be organised and well disciplined
  • you need to consistently stick to your plan

Sounds simple enough but…. therein lays the PROBLEM!

Many homeowners cannot consistently stay the course, and sadly, their plan generally fails, and they never get to pay off their mortgage quickly.

Having a debt free home is the cornerstone for a good lifestyle and future wealth creation… any decision to pay off your mortgage quickly should not be left to CHANCE.

At My Financial Coach we have a proven money management and debt solution to help you stay on track and pay off your mortgage faster!

We can help you get to your financial destination in the fastest possible way without interfering with your current lifestyle.

We offer a true financial solution for Australian homeowners wanting to pay out their mortgages faster and accumulate future wealth for their retirement.

We encourage you to look at our offering… won’t be disappointed!

Dennis Munari

Managing Director