What customers value

                What our customers value

                 SET UP

                       → Full understanding of their real time budgeting position (Income & Expenditure)

→ Their existing real time mortgage position (home loan)

→ Their real time financial asset position – super, managed funds,shares, car leases, credit cards, etc

→ Their existing short – medium – longer term financial goals for both pre and post retirement 

→ Advice on their preferred strategy to achieve their best budgeting, cash flow, debt reduction and wealth creation solutions

 →  Our initial written strategic plan documenting our recommendations


→   Our monthly written report which “ tracks” and monitors their implemented plan

→  Monthly cash flow management system and support

→  Monthly statements outlining how much they have paid off their principal

→ What surplus cash flow they have available each month

→ Written reviews each month highlighting their personal performance

→ Real time monthly tracking and monitoring of all their financial asset keeping them fully aligned to their goals

→ A  financial coach keeping them accountable each month

→ Comprehensive money management system that provides  on-going structure and discipline

 → Option to bench mark their results against like minded clients


→ Take the stress and worry out of paying  their monthly bills and debts

→ Value for money via regular monthly contact, reporting and coaching

→ Review their weekly cash flow to gauge how much money is surplus at the end of each month

→ Reducing debt quickly to create additional savings to improve their financial position

→ Exploring wealth creation strategies on how to pay less tax and increase their net wealth position

                → A fully monitored equity building program that cuts years off the term of their loan

                → Saving tens of thousands of dollars in interest over the term of their loan

→ Building towards a comfortable lifestyle and or retirement

→ Building  additional assets such as a property and share portfolio

→ Making their money work for them rather than the banks

→ Not leaving  paying their mortgage off to chance

→A true financial solution with no product bias

Consider this….

With real estate prices and mortgage debt in Australia at record levels why wouldn’t  you want to pay off their mortgage quickly!

It makes financial sense…..