Coaching benefits

My Financial Coach

A simple observation:

“What is the value of one qualified, experienced, financial expert dedicated 100% to mentoring and supporting you so that you get what you want out of life?”

Many successful business executives and professional athletes have a dedicated coach that they can relate to, be mentored by and bounce things off.

Engaging a financial coach provides a competitive advantage by leveraging your time with their specialized financial expertise. They cut through the clutter, confusion and contradictory information by guiding you to only what is relevant, more efficient and with minimum hassle.

When you leverage your financial coach’s expertise you bridge the gap between information overload and effective action so that you can convert all the work you are already doing into meaningful financial results.

It’s a smart professional business strategy that produces greater financial success with less effort.

Why not take advantage of the same concept –surely it makes financial sense to do so!

My Financial Coach offers you the same experience of having a personal financial coach to help you achieve your own financial aspirations.


  1. Personal Confidant

A financial coach is your mentor, business associate and friend that will meet with you on a regular basis at which time he will question and challenge you and assist you to stay focused and disciplined on your agenda and end game. He will encourage you to take out of your life all the distractions, conflicting interests and noise that may impact on your ultimate goals and objectives in building your wealth plan.

  1. Strategic Financial Plan

They will engineer, design and build your personal strategic financial plan. This is centered on your financial goals and objectives, your risk profiling, budgets, cash flow, debt reduction, surplus income and what asset classes will achieve your desired wealth plan. A carefully detailed wealth blue print will determine exactly where you are going so that you are in total sync with the end game.

  1. Accountability

Having an action plan is in itself not enough. Our monthly accountability reviews will keep you focused and disciplined on the task laid out in your blue print. The greater the focus on the smaller details like budgeting for example,will produce a sound launching pad for the more complex wealth accumulation strategies that lie ahead.

  1. Thrive Instead of Survive

With financial coaching we develop a plan and take actions specifically designed to convert your present income into wealth. The goal is to stop just surviving and start thriving – every month and every year – so that you can eliminate the question mark about your financial future. Coaching is not about get-rich-quick: it is about accelerated, consistent progress toward an inevitable result

  1. Educate and Invest

Coaching helps you to assess and manage risk when the markets can be counter cyclical. Coaching will also develop an understanding of the difference between gambling and investing so that you improve your expectation and confidence based on proven formulas. No more guessing or emotional roller coaster rides because you will develop a solid investment discipline with clear action steps. Financial coaching helps you build a stronger foundation based on proven principles so that you can achieve outstanding results.

  1. Better Problem Solving

Problems and obstacles are a natural part of growth: you can’t have one without the other. Financial coaching provides an expert brain storming partner that provides opportunities you otherwise might have overlooked.

  1. Reduce Mistakes

The brainstorming and vetting process during financial coaching helps you avoid mistakes and manage procrastination issues that may cost you money down the track. With an experienced coach as your collaboration partner you benefit not only from your coach’s personal experience, but also the experience of clients that walked the path before you. Why learn from your own mistakes when there is a better way?

  1. No Instant Fix

Financial coaching on its own is not an instant fix but a process. Your coach will exploit any previous bad financial habits and the causes of any financial weakness in your life and encourage a permanent behavioral change in the way you process financial matters and financial literacy in the future

  1. Behavioral Change

Financial Coaching forces you to review the way you operate and this creates change in your behavior which will lead to enhanced growth, both at a financial and personal development level.

  1. Efficiency

Your time needs to be efficient so that you can concentrate on your wealth building plan – a financial coach will assist you to stay focused and disciplined on the task at hand.

 What’s next….

Building wealth can be confusing, time consuming and complex.

What you have done in the past is what brought you to where you are today.

That’s all it will ever do unless you make changes.

You can’t keep doing the same things and expect to produce different results.

Financial coaching is more than just about information: it requires some transformation from within.

Financial coaching can provide the competitive advantage that may accelerate your growth curve saving you both time and money.

Perhaps it’s time you considered  My Financial Coach as a partner!